Outeniqua Mountain Lodge

Middle Keurbooms Conservancy

Middle Keurbooms Conservancy – Experience the sense of the early pioneers, road builders and botanists. Test your interests to what we have to offer. By supporting our conservancy and its members you contribute to conservation and biodiversity.

Reduce the effects of climate change by mind change. No matter how small or big each and every effort will make a difference.

Come and meet the people behind it all learn how we made changes in our community and how it is benefiting us. We have proven that you don’t need millions to make a difference – you just need to be committed and make a start! Be the change you want to see – Middle Keurbooms Conservancy.

The Spirit of the conservancy

Landlords who care for the environment.

People who believe that the management of our natural resources is to the benefit of all.

We will stay within the environmental laws and work with all the government departments involved.

The community has to share in the sustainable use, management and conservation of our area.

Any landlord who would honestly like to make a difference in better management of our area is welcome to join our conservancy.



  • To create a conservation corridor by engaging in active conservation activities within the Keurbooms River Valley and its catchment area.


  • To restore the Prince Alfred Pass and to promote its cultural / historical significance for the entire area.
  • To become one of the Southern Cape’s prime natural tourism destinations linking the rich History of the area with its natural beauty and uniqueness.
  • To promote the benefits of conservancy to non-members and the community and increase the corridor on an ongoing basis.
  • To minimise our carbon and water footprint.
Die Gees van die bewaararea

Grondeienaars wat vir die omgewing omgee.

Mense wat glo dat die bestuur van ons natuurlike hulpbronne vir almal se belang is.

Ons sal binne die omgewings wette bly en met al die betrokke departemente saamwerk.

Die gemeenskap moet deel in die volhoubare benutting, bestuur en bewaring van die omgewing.

Enige grondeienaar wat eerlik ‘n verskil wil maak tot beter bestuur van ons omgewing is welkom om by ons bewarea aan te sluit.



  • Om ‘n bewaringsdeurgang te skep deur verbind te wees in aktiewe bewarings aksies in die Keurbooms Rivier Vallei en sy opvangsgebied.


  • Restoureer die Prins Alfred Pas en om sy kulturele en historiese betekenis te bevorder vir die hele gebied.
  • Om een van die Suid-Kaap se voorste natuurlike bestemmings te word deur die ryke geskiedenis met die unieke plant gemeenskappe en mooi omgewing te verbind.
  • Om die voordele van die Bewarea aan nie-lede en die plaaslike gemeenskap aanhoudend uit te wys om die bewaringsdeurgang te vergroot.
  • Om ons koolstof- en watervoetspoor tot die minimum te beperk.

Middle Keurbooms Conservancy Projects:

The projects form an integral part of green tourism. The projects focus on our main objective – maintenance of the conservation corridor.

Fire management

Conservancy members formed a managing unit in the greater F.P.A. (Fire Protection Association), mainly to conserve biodiversity and cleaner water from the catchment area

Alien clearing
  • Members constantly clear aliens on their property.
    Tourists can visit the sites.
  • On Keurbooms River Game Trails a huge clearing scheme in collaboration with Silicon Smelters is in progress. Benefits of this project include job creation, an economic injection of +/- 8.1 million rand per plant. The project removes alien trees with no cost to the farmers as well as ensuring more water for the downstream water users.
  • Eradication of alien plants. We have done an initial clearing of over 2500ha.
  • The reintroduction of indigenous tree species that, through deforestation have been removed from this area.
  • The development and enhancement of wet-lands.
  • Protecting our water source. This is a fenced off Wilderness area and no domestic stock are grazed in this area. All wildlife is protected and biospheres are created to encourage breeding.
Save the Keurbooms

On several sites, small scale rehabilitation of the Keurbooms river banks is to be seen.

Water Neutral

Under the leadership of Eden to Addo Initiative and Cape Nature an alien survey has been done which enables the conservancy to offer infested catchment areas to companies who have to become water neutral. Cost for clearing has been done by Cape Nature and the expected run off has been calculated from WWF Water Neutral brochure

Leopard research

The Landmark Foundation Leopard & Predator Conservation Project runs a research program on the Cape Mountain Leopard. Several cameras monitor the movement of the leopards in the conservancy.

Information Kiosk

When in de Vlugt keep a lookout for the signs to The Middel Keurbooms Conservancy self-help information kiosk. The info is situated opposite Outeniqua Trout Lodge. Here visitors can purchase local goods on an “honesty basis” and can get local information of the de Vlugt & greater area. A clean toilet is situated behind the Info and a picnic table shaded by indigenous trees, all free of charge.

For more information on our beautiful area please call 044 752 3140

Green electricity

Solar is effective for about 40% of the day, season & weather depending. Hydro however generates constant electricity 24 hours a day. We have 8 solar panels & 3 turbines. We use the “dirty” trout water to drive the turbines; the turbines beats back oxygen in the water while generating power.

The water then goes through various soil dams where the plants further “clean” the water before it goes back in the river. Our current system, in phase 1 of 3 generates 20Kw per day. The electricity is stored in 24 glass batteries from where it is distributed to the rest of the farm via a inverter that changes it from 48 direct current to 220 alternating current.

We use the electricity to pump water to three 10 000l water tanks. From there it gravity feeds the lodges. At Keurbooms Game Trails wind turbines and a large solar system work together.

Contract Reserve

W.J. Burchell 1811-1814 the famous British Botanist visualised something from the descriptions he got of the Cape Floral Kingdom. When walking through the veld after his arrival he mentioned that each step was as in a botanical garden. To conserve the biodiversity for the future, the Meyer family decided to get involved in a contract nature reserve with Cape Nature.

Contact Middle Keurbooms Conservancy Members:


Contact: Katot & Ilze Meyer
Phone: 044 272 0014
Email: attakwas@cybersmart.co.za
Web: www.burchells4x4.co.za

Come and explore the Keurbooms River with its panoramic views of surrounding mountains & numerous game viewing opportunities.

Our private Game Farm is all about exploring and enjoying nature at its best.

  • Rustic Camping
  • Mountain biking – 30km of challenging tracks
  • Bird watching – 100+ species (raptor specialty)
  • Hiking – includes walks amongst game
  • Kloofing – challenging routes
  • 4 x 4 mountain excursions

Contact: Ingo & Gizelle
Phone: 087 808 2531
Email: troutlodge@iafrica.com
Web: www.outeniquatrout.co.za

Outeniqua Mountain Lodge is a delightful refuge for those who need to escape from the world – the perfect place to catch your breath and stay for a while.

We are situated on the scenic Prince Alfred’s pass only 55 kilometers from Knysna and Plettenberg Bay. The pass was built in 1860 along the route used for millennia by elephants.

We pride ourselves in being ‘green’; providing our own electricity and water from natural resources, as well as effluent treatment, making us independent from the national power grid and other municipal services.

Landowners in the surrounding area have all agreed to establish the Middle Keurbooms Conservancy, making it a special natural corridor with unique flora and fauna as well as exceptional bird life. There are also many examples of ancient ‘bushmen art’ dating back 6 000 years or more.

  • Quality Timber Homes – 4 well equipped lodges sleeping between
    4 to 6 guests each
  • Equipped Tipi Camp – 4 tents, each with it’s own bathroom,
    large lapa with lovely atmosphere
  • Mountain Biking – safe cycling on the farm and quite farm roads
  • Birding – More than 120 identified species on the farm from
  • Fish Eagle, Black Eagle to kingfishers
  • Hiking – lovely hike up the Kwaai River and on the farm, some routes toddler friendly
  • Kloofing – spectacular cliffs to explore in the Kwaai River and on the Pass

Visit the MKC information office situated opposite the trout farm.


Leopard & Predator Conservation Project

Web: www.landmarkfoundation.org.za
and www.fairgame.org.za

Doing research into leopards, the project also works with all stakeholders to build a conservation economy regarding the management of leopards and predators on livestock farms. Leopards and predators are still heavily persecuted as they come into daily conflict with stock farmers. They are currently controlled through lethal methods that include gin trapping, hunting with dog packs and poisons.

Effective NON-lethal methods are available and have proven to be highly economical and successful. For this reason the project works towards building the conservation economy with farmers in whose hands the vast percentage of land in South Africa lies. Research is focussed on leopards and livestock management techniques. The leopard is the top carnivore in the food chain and its survival as a species is threatened. Its wise management affects all other smaller predators and animals in the eco-system.

The project has 7 key focus areas:

  • Rescue: Injured leopards are rescued, rehabilitated and released
  • Extension Service: the project assists livestock farmers to effectively implement non-lethal management methods for predators on their farms.
  • Habitat Expansion: by working with private land owners more habitat is made safe for leopards and predators.
  • Advocacy campaign: the foundation views the use of gin traps & indiscriminate hunting methods as unethical and is working to have them banned.
  • Research: through GPS collars and survey camera traps the project can establish the population densities and spatial dynamics of leopards in the Eastern and
  • Western Cape. The GPS collars also provide proof if a leopard is blamed for a stock damage. Compensation is paid out if the livestock had protective measures in place and the leopard is found responsible.
  • Only 1 out of 13 GPS collared leopards has since collaring taken livestock.
  • Fair Game – Wildlife Friendly Products: this is a green label for mutton, beef, lamb, wool, mohair and other animal fiber products.
  • Education and Awareness: a school program has been running since 2009

Contact: Katot & Ilse
Burchell: 044 272 0014
Attakwas Kothuis: 044 272 5114
Email: info@burchell4x4.co.za
Web: www.burchell4x4.co.za

British botanist
1811 – 1814

One day in his life is open to the public for hiking, biking
or modern wagon. (20km)

– Guided / Unguided
– Day / Overnight
– Hired or own
– Solitary family or group

  • 20km Offroad. Only experienced drivers
  • Birding – Different routes with facilities
  • Mountain Bike
      – offroad 20km
      – onroad 10km
  • Bush camps or pioneer camps
  • Target shooting 0.22
  • Games for kids
  • Rockart

To create a conservation corridor by engaging in active conservation activities within the Keurbooms River valley and its catchment area. Proudly associated with Cape Nature.


Phone: 044 745 1013
Web: www.capenature.co.za


Garden Route Conservation Services
Phone: 044 802-5327
Fax: 044 802-5313
Report Biodiversity Crime: 082 554 1271
E-mail: nbaker@capenature.co.za

Supporting conservancies to manage their natural resources in a sustainable way.


Web: www.edentoaddo.co.za 

The Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative is a civil society conservation initiative that aims to create an effective pattern of habitats stretching from Wilderness Lakes in the Eden District to Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape, ensuring ecological connectivity for species, communities and ecological processes.

Our vision is simple: ” To assist landowners to identify and develop a living corridor from Eden to Addo by applying sound land-use practices, encouraging a diversity of livelihoods and linking ecologically important areas, for the benefit of wildlife and the extended community.”

For more information about the Middle Keurbooms Conservancy, contact us.